Test Packages

Let us support you on your big day!

We provide a range of test packages to help support you on your big day and pass your test with confidence. We offer a simple warm-up lesson and pick-up and drop off, to a comprehensive test package with warm-up, car hire and pick-up and drop off. Taking a warm-up lesson will help get you relaxed behind the wheel before your test, and we will provide you with any last minute tips. Additionally, we will follow up after your test. 

It is recommended a learner takes at least one professional driving lesson before sitting their test.

Note: Please book your test package a suitable amount of time BEFORE your test is scheduled so we can conduct the warm-up and pick-up. 

Warm-up Lesson Only

$60 - $120

1-2hr Warm-up Lesson

Pick-up and drop-off

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Test Day Package


1hr Warm-up Lesson + Car Hire

Pick-up and drop-off

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