Is it Possible to Drive with Hearing Loss? Get Your Answer Here

By David

Do you know someone who wants to drive but have hearing problems? To be honest, hearing problem or loss should not stop one from learning to drive given he or she follows the necessary tips. Your ability to hear properly is, of course, important, but unlike vision loss, its impact can be minimised with the use of hearing aids. In fact, keeping such individuals in mind, reputable instructors can customise their?driving lessons in Kellyville. However, apart from professional lessons, people should also follow some safety measures while driving every day. Otherwise, they might invite troubles for everyone including themselves on the road. In this blog, we share some tips that can help concerned people overcome the problem of hearing problem or loss to a great extent.

a. Charge your hearing aids – Before going out for driving, one should make sure that his hearing aids are fully charged. Nobody would want to end up with a dead battery in the middle of the road. Isn’t it? To avoid being late, you should get started early and charge your hearing aids without fail. If you could get spare batteries as back-up, then that would be even better. Are you going on a road trip that involves a night-stay? Carrying portable charges for your hearing aids is a must.

b. Adjust and clean your mirrors – Practically speaking, to make up for the hearing problem, you should rely more on your visual ability when you are behind the wheels. That being said, we also suggest that you adjust and keep your car mirrors clean so that you can observe everything that happens on the road. For convenience and better visibility, you may get your hands on a bigger rear-mirror for your car. When you join the best?driving school in Western Sydney, you’ll learn how to achieve better coordination between your hand and eye movements to fill the gap created by the hearing problem.

c. Avoid distractions – Every driver needs to keep distractions at bay, but that holds even more important for people suffering from hearing problems. First, to be in your fullest sense while driving, you should avoid using your phone at any cost. Have a call to receive or a text to send. Simply pull over and then do the needful. Second, we suggest you turn off the music for driving safely and responsibly on the road. The impact of listening to music might be low for normal people, but this habit can prove to be dangerous for a hearing impaired. So, it is better to act wisely.

d. Get yourself examined – Since your eyesight is the primary sense in use when driving, you should get your vision checked at regular intervals. Do you wear contacts or glasses? Make sure your eye power is checked and prescription up to date. Also, as far as the hearing problem is concerned, you should see a doctor who can perform hearing tests and monitor the progress to decide the right course of treatment. Remember, availing time-to-time medical check-up is important to understand how fit you are to carry on with driving.

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