Easy Steps to Become an Eco-friendly Driver You Must Know

By David

Driving is surely a life-saving skill that gives us the freedom to travel as and when we want. While we hop on our cars thinking of only convenience, we don’t realise how much our vehicles are adding to the greenhouse emission and global warming. With climate change becoming a pressing concern today, you cannot stay limited to just being a pro driver, you see. In fact, according to the best?driving school in Marsden Park, along with being a skilled driver, you must also focus on becoming an eco-friendly driver. Getting all confused? Well, in this blog, we discuss some tips that will help you ace eco-friendly driving. So, let us find out.

a. Steady driving – Has anyone ever told you that sticking to the speed limit can help you save more gas and ensure fuel efficiency? Start early from home so that you don’t have to rush and over-speed to reach your destination. The steadier your driving is, the more you can save on the fuel consumption. Also, make sure you’re accelerating smoothly, as it will minimise the fuel amount burnt on your trip. To avoid braking in hurry, you should stay alert and bring your car to a halt gradually.

b. Well-maintained car – The car you drive certainly impacts how you drive. In this regard, the best way to about it is buying an electric or hybrid car or a vehicle that uses sustainable alternative fuel. Further, the?driving Instructor of Marsden Park?suggests that you should focus on proper maintenance of your car for improving the gas mileage. From checking the tyres and fine-tuning the engine to getting oil changes, you can do a number of things to keep your car well-maintained.

c. Quit idling – The habit of leaving the engine running even when the car is not moving is called idling, which does not qualify to be a good driving habit. Not only does it lead to the wastage of fuel and money, but this habit contributes to air pollution and global warming. If you are going to stop for more than 10 seconds, you must turn off the car engine and prevent unnecessary emission of gases. Want to learn good driving habits for life? Join the?driving school in Marsden Park?now.

d. Combine trips – To reduce fuel consumption, you should plan and combine shorter trips. Doing so will reduce the amount of travel you have to do and prevent the wastage of mileage & time. Also, when you plan, you can avoid being stuck in traffic with the car engine idling. Planning your itinerary will help you combine trips to achieve better fuel efficiency and lower the emission of harmful gases.

e. Cut down the luggage – It is your car and not a dumping ground. So, avoid storing unnecessary cargo in the back seat or car trunk. Removing excess luggage can not only free up the car space, but it may also increase the fuel economy. Wondering how? Well, excess weight makes your car less aerodynamic, and thus leading to extra fuel burning. Don’t need the roof rack, jumper cables, or spare bags? Take them out and decrease the drag. A great way to monitor fuel consumption, right?

Conclusion – Are you determined to improve your driving skills in the upcoming year? Make sure you turn into an eco-friendly driver as much as you want to be a smart driver. To achieve your goal, we suggest you enrol for?driving lessons for beginners?at DAVID VIP DRIVING SCHOOL. With the holistic guidance from professional instructors, you can own the road like a pro.

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