Are You a New Driver? 4 Road Hazards You Must Learn to Avoid

By David

Even if one is a pro driver, none should take driving for granted. Road hazards or dangerous conditions cannot be predicted at all times. So, you see, driving is not just about learning the techniques, but it requires you to imbibe qualities like promptness, sound decision-making, vigilance, and so on. We strongly recommend all driving aspirants to take professional?driving lessons in Kellyville?to adopt good driving skills and behaviour. After all, holistic guidance is what you need to become a pro driver. And in this blog, we bring to your notice the top 4 hazards that can pose a threat to all drivers, especially the new ones.

a. Rain and slippery roads – Do you get cold feet just at the thought of driving on the wet and slippery roads in the rainy season? There is no question of negating your fear because it can actually be quite intimidating and even lead to serious accidents. Should you experience showers in the middle of your journey, you must turn on the headlights, use the windshield wipers, and of course slow down the speed. Also, you may pullover and wait for the rain to stop thereby averting any crisis later on.

b. Edges and turns – Unless you are really good at driving, twists and turns on the roads can get you unnerved. With?driving lessons in Kellyville, you can learn all driving techniques including lane changing, 3-point turns, roundabout, and parking. Once you have learnt all these tactics from a professional driving instructor, you can easily master them with consistent effort and practice. Our pro tip is you should keep your calm and be prompt in taking the right action at right time. Always be alert and drive slowly so that you never have to hit a verge.

c. Pedestrians or animals – Whether you are driving in traffic or country road, it is your responsibility as a driver to be watchful on the road. You sure do not want to have unpleasant encounters with animals while driving. Do you? Similarly, when you’re driving in the city, you should watch out for pedestrians. Make sure the brakes, horns, and lights of your car are all working fine to bypass any of such unexpected encounters on the road. That way you can ensure everyone’s safety as well as yours.

d. Potholes and bumpy roads – Driving on rough roads can be challenging, but there is sure a way out. Since you will have to manoeuvre your car very skilfully for avoiding any potholes, your driving techniques and time sense have to be spot-on. Moreover, check if your car tyres are properly inflated so that they absorb the impact properly and lessen the damaging effect. Learn to slow down your car because speeding over the road bumps is neither safe nor appreciated. We suggest you avoid potholes altogether, but if that’s not entirely possible, you should get your car checked after a hectic drive and remedy the signs of damage.

Closing Thoughts – So are you ready to take your driving skills to the next level and rule the road like a pro? Join a top-quality and affordable driving school in Kellyville and always be prepared to take on road challenges. Interested in booking your seat today? Call @ 0412284817 & 0431524817 or drop a mail: ?

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