4 Great Ways to Deal with Backseat Drivers

By David

Do you think drink & drive is the main cause of car crashes and road fatalities? Well, it might come as a surprise to you all, but backseat driving is a major contributor to road accidents as well. What is backseat driving, you ask? Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you drive but someone from the backseat keeps prompting his/her advice and opinion? You may have joined the best?driving lessons in Castle Hill, but this annoying habit can get the best of any you and even the most professional drivers. To drive confidently and without distractions, you should know how to tackle the menace of backseat driving. Want to know some effective ways? Here you go!

a. Distract them – The easiest way to deal with it is by creating distractions for the backseat driver in your vehicle. Why don’t you give them the job of deciding the playlist for your road trip? Or you may ask them to check important messages or receive calls on your behalf. Or even better, ask them to tracks locations and routes through Google maps for you. The more you keep them engaged, the lesser they’ll distract you from driving.

b. Work on your skills – Do you get interrupted by the backseat drivers too often? Have you ever thought why it’s that way always? Are you not skilled enough? If you are just semi-skilled, then the passengers might show only a little faith in your expertise. We think you should take professional?driving lessons in Castle Hill?before hitting the road with confidence. When you are competent enough, you’ll automatically win the trust of the passengers in your vehicle.

c. Don’t be rude – Can’t tolerate their unsolicited advice anymore? Are you about to burst out? Don’t be hostile in your reaction or reply. You can be polite and still ask them to mind their own business. If they seem concerned, be considerate and assure them of safety. That can help them to calm down a bit. There is no point to fight or spoil relationships over this issue. Hence, you should try to react with calmness or ignore their interference totally.

d. Ask them to drive – You should never drive when you are tired or drowsy. If you try doing so, then you’ll be surely frowned upon by the backseat drivers. At times it’s better when you let others take the charge. It is rightful and important for the safety of everyone. So, has your friend passed the test from the most reputable?driving school in Castle Hill? Trust him and accept his proposal to let him drive for the rest of the road trip.

Closing Thoughts – Backseat driving is surely an annoying habit, but before you point finger at anyone else, make sure you’re driving the right way. If your skills are on fleek, no one can cast a doubt on your ability. That’s why we suggest you to enroll for professional lessons by the?driving instructor in Castle Hill.?To learn from the expert will not only boost your confidence, but it is also going to help you come across a reliable driver. Want to book a seat at DAVID VIP DRIVING SCHOOL? Contact @ 0412 284 817 or 0431524817.

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